Rxbar Protein Bars Owned By Kelloggs

The well-known Kellogg food company has stated it will be purchasing the Chicago Bar Company and Rxbar in a deal worth six-hundred million American dollars. Chicago Bar Company produces the clean-label protein bars called Rxbars. In just 2017, Chicago Bar Company maker of Rxbar protein bars made millions of dollars. The comapnies net value is over $120 million. Rxbar protein bars calories are raging from two-hundred and ten to two hundred and twenty per bar. However, the protein bars hold twelve grams of protein and are a mix of fruit, nuts and egg whites.

Kelloggs Gets Rights To Rxbar

One of the main parts of the deal with Kellogg’s is for the Chicago Bar Company stays operating independently as a standalone business. However,the company will be able to leverage the Kellogg company scales and resources to increase sales and growth of both groups. As of right now, the protein bars have eleven different types of flavors. During the seasons add  differing varieties to their protein bars. Also, all of protein bars are produced and distributed only in the United States. Some of their flavors include coffee chocolate, coconut chocolate, pumpkin spice, and chocolate sea salt.

Recently, the Chicago Bar Company released their new Rxbar Kids. The bars contain similar ingredients, but are in children portions as well as flavors. Mr. Steven Cahillane CEO of the Kellogg Company says Rxbar protein bar companies is an innovated and unique company. The CEO of Kellogg Mr. Steven Cahillane says Rxbar company values its loyal customers. Also, it excites him to work with them and increase growth for both companies together. Be that as it may, Mr. Steven Cahillane is the newest CEO of Kellogg Company and takes pride in both groups. The Chicago Bar Company has produced a clean label for their high protein Rxbars and Kellogg Company is looking forward to their future together.