World Mental Health Day 2017

October 10, 2017, is the World Mental Health Day that is focusing on raising awareness about people struggling with mental health issues. Mental Health Day also focuses on focuses on supporting and getting people with mental health issues the right treatment. For  World Mental Health Day is aiming at our mental health in our daily careers. Also how ow we as people struggling with depression or other mental health issues

World Mental Health Day for 2017 wants to improve our mental health in the workplace and to promote healthier thoughts in our daily work days. Worldwide, around two hundred and sixty-million people suffer from various types of anxiety disorders. Around the whole world, more than three hundred million people suffer from a daily struggle of depression and some people suffer from more than just one mental health issues. WHO did a recent study how  both depression and anxiety can affect the worlds economy. However, About one trillion dollars in loss of workers at their jobs from their mental health problems.

World Mental Health Day

In the United States, there are some rates on how depression, anxiety and other mental health problems affect Americans. Eighteen and older experience mental illness in one given year in the United States. One and twenty-five people in American adults suffer a serve case of mental health problems in their life. Over two million residents of the United States live and stuffer through schizophrenia and three percent of Americans have a type of bipolar disorder.

There are four-two million Americans that live with an anxiety disorder. Over sixteen million suffer from a battle of daily depression or severe depression. Sadly, those who take their own lives by suicide typically have an underlying of some mental health illness.

All the stats in the U.S. can be discouraging to some. However, there are hundreds of ways you or someone you know can get help while struggling with depression.  Talk to a friend, a loved one, a teacher, a coworker, your doctor or anyone to find the right help.