Kevin Hogan Is The New Starter For The Browns

Well, it’s looking like Kevin Hogan, of the Cleveland Browns will replace DeDhone Kizer as starting back. It will occur during their game against the Houston Texaxan this Sunday night.

The announcement came from coach Hugh Jackson. In his statement, he says that it was his decision. He and the teams have been impressed with Kevin’s ability to handle those on offense. Currently, Jackson and his team feel as though the move will be for the betterment of the team.

This will be the first time that Kevin Hogan has started in a game during is football career.

Kizer has not made things easy for his team. During the season, he has thrown at least nine interceptions. His average is 81-159 touchdowns and has had 12 sacks this season.

When speaking to reports, Jackson says that this change does not change the team’s feelings on Deshone. He believes that DeShone continues to work hard and better himself. Jackson says that he has bright future ahead of him. Right now, it’s best for him and his progress to remain a back up for Kevin at this time.

Since 1999, there have been 38 different quarterbacks to start for the Browns. During the offseason, he was the fourth quarterback during a three-player competition for the current position. Though he did not play during preseason first game, he was able to snag the backup spot.

While playing the Jet,Kevin Hogan was able to lead his team to two touchdown drives. So far this season, he’s got 377 yards and was able to make two touchdowns.

The Brown believe that Kizer’s time on the sidelines will help him get his focus back.

Last year, Hogan was the fifth-round pick for the Chiefs. The Chiefs released him to the Browns after the 2016 preseason. He was then on the roster in October.