Swift Life Is Taylor Swift’s New App

The famous pop star singer and song writer Taylor Swift has released her app called the Swift Life. Taylor Swift’s app “The Swift Life” will allow her loving fans exclusive social media features. Also, unique content from her life. The celebrity singer plans to release her app worldwide before the end of 2017.

Right now only limited areas can download Taylor Swift’s app. “The Swift Life” app is being created with the mobile-games produced by the Glu Mobile on app company. The app by Taylor Swift will be launching soon. People will able to be download the app on Android and IoS. The Swift Life is a similar version of Snapchat or Instagram but devoted to all things Taylor Swift. She promises her app will allow all of her loyal fans to connect to each other but most importantly connect with the Grammy Award winner herself.

The app will have features such as Taylor Swift stickers and emojis called Taymojis. She plans to have live streaming music of hers, featuring photos and live chats with her and her fans. Recently on her social media accounts, she shared her news about her The Swift Life app saying I hope all of you love my up and coming app. She says that she is working hard on the app for her loving fans. Also, that the excitement she feels now that she can connect with her loyal fans is on a different level. The company that Taylor Swift is working with for her

The Swift Life app Glu Mobile on app company has worked with different celebrities.

Some of the well-known stars the Glu Mobile on app Company has worked with include Gordon Ramsay, Katy Perry, and Kim Kardashian.

The first announcement of the new app came in early 2016. At this point, Glu mobile on app company is behind schedule. The plan for Taylor Swift app at first was to be just a mobile app game. I has now evolved into a whole other thing. Glu on mobile app company is currently on the same page as Taylor Swift. Especially with both announcing the app will be able for download before the end of this year.