England Putting A Ban On Sugary Sweets

In recent news, England’s hospitals, schools, canteens and vending machines are banishing super-size chocolate bars nationwide. The National Health Service of England says any chocolates or sweets coming from hospitals, schools or elsewhere must be under 250 calories. Reports also say that they will ban small bags of candy. The reason being the calorie limit of each packet. Hospital and school faculties will receive cash reimbursement for the change in their vending machines and or cafeterias.

The change will also affect pre-packaged sandwiches that are coming in at under four-hundred calories per sandwich. These pre-packaged sandwich account for around seventy-five percent of pre-packaged meals. Other pre-packaged meals must not have over five grams of fat per one hundred grams. This information also comes from the National Health Service of England. The change goes for all savory snacks as well. As for the beverages, they must contain less than five grams of sugar per one hundred millimeters. The drinks will be affected the most by eight-percent.

In April 2017 the National Health Service of England announced that there is an obesity epidemic in their country.

The changes started by limiting the drinks sold in the hospital to cut down on the number of fatty and sugary drinks. The National Health Services of England has been stepping up on the fight again obesity in their country. Obesity can lead to many different illnesses and diseases such as high blood pressure, tooth decay, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more.

England’s National Health Services is focusing the changes on starting a move overall for the people of England. They want to encourage them to start eating healthier. England’s National Health Services wants people to eat healthy at home but also at work primarily for the overnighters. A recent study proved that there are 1.3 million employees that would help the night shift that is overweight.