Bomb Kills At Least 320 In Somalia

In the center of Mogadishu, a man killed over three hundred people in his truck with a massive bomb. It occured on October 14th, 2017. The man was a former soldier of Somalia army. When he was young, there was a raid on his home by U.S special forces and local troops from his country. Right in front of him when he was younger ten civilians were killed in his home.

The death toll from the bombing on October 14th, 2017 is well over three hundred people. This information comes from local Somalia officials. The bomb that the man set off on Saturday is the most devastating terrorist attack anywhere in the world has seen in many years. The rubble from the explosion spread well over hundreds of meters wide. The people who fell victim are still being brought into the local hospital.

Bomb In Somalia Causes Death And Devistation

Investigators in the country believe the man who acted on this attack on Saturday may have done it for revenge. Specifically, on the United States-Led operation in Al-Shabaab. Al-Shabaab has not claimed any responsibility at this point for the terrorist attack that killed over three hundred people. Al-Shabaab says the man responsible for the explosion was not apart of their group. Although, officials did find a cellpone, they may have some proof that Al-Shabaab may have had apart of the bombing in Somalia.

Investigators have found a link that is uncovering a series of places where the man responsible may have been up with a group of people to plan the bombing. Somalia police officials say two suspicious vehicles are at questioning in this recent investigation. The cars are a large truck and a small minivan Toyota Noah both carrying around three hundred and fifty kilos of military and homemade explosives. Reports from local news stations in Somalia say to stay away from them. People are, howver, to call the police if they do see any.