Sandusky Second Chance Trial Denied

It seems as though Jerry Sandusky will not be having a second chance trial. He wanted to convince his next jury that he did not sexually abuse any children. His previous charges of sexual abuse has him currently in a state prison serving a very long sentence.

The denial comes from Judge John Foradora, who denied the requests from Sandusky to have a new trial or any charges dismissed.

Be that as it may, Sandusky’s lawyers have only 30 days to begin an appeal of the judges choice. They will bring the appeal in front of Superior Court.

Sandusky, who is 73, holds on to the fact that his conviction is wrong. He argues that during his 2012 trial, he did not have good representation.

The judge felt that most of what Sandusky was claiming, held no weight.

Josh Shapiro, a general attorney for Pennsylvania, says that when it comes to Sandusky’s victims, justice had been achieved. He firmly believes that his conviction will remain the same.

In his interview, Josh said that he hopes that after learning of the judge’s decision, those who fell victim to the former coach will continue to live their lives in peace.

As of now, Sandusky has been serving his sentence, that ranges between 30-60 years. During the 2012 trial, eight of his accusers testified against him. The abuse that was described ranged from grooming and fondling to extreme sexual encounters.

John became a judge on this case almost a year ago. The reason being, the initial trial judge, John Cleland chose to remove himself from the case. He was receiving harsh criticism from Sandusky’s lawyers.

The former president of Penn State, Graham Spanier, and two ex-administrators, Gary Schultz and Tim Curley, received their jail sentences earlier this year. It occurred after a jury found Spanier and the other two gentlemen guilty of child endangerment. According to court documents, the charges came from the handling of a 2001 complaint about the former coach showering with a boy. However, Spanier is waiting for an appeal on his conviction.