Mychael Knight, Fashion Designer, Dies

The young male fashion designer that was on the ever so popular tv series, Project Runway, Mr. Mychael Knight has passed away. Mychael Knight died at the age of thirty-nine years old reported Jerris Madison, a spokesman for the Knight family. The thirty-nine-year-old fashion designer was the founder and creative director of his magazine Obvious and was a well-known photographer. Mychael Knight last day was on Tuesday, October 17th, 2017.

Jerri Madison expressed some of the families worries with Mychael Knight thousands of fans worldwide.

The Knight family still processes Mychael Knight death. He was a friend to all of the family, a brother, an uncle and a wonderful son reports the families spokesperson. Mychael Knight was the heart of their family and meant everything to everyone on the show. he will be remembered and always loved says the family of the fashion designer. Jerri Madison also included that the family is asking for some privacy at this time to remember their loved one Mychael Knight and to always keep his legacy alive through his influential work he’s done.

The Lifetime tv series Project Runway that Mychael Knight was apart of did release a statement as well to the news. In their report, it included we are all mooring the death of one of our team members Mr. Knight, it is a loss of talent he died too young. Project Runway also wished the family peace and gave their solace to the Knight during this hard time. Knight appeared on Project Runway several times and even on some other favorite tv shows. He was on All-Star Challenge, Project Runway and as well as The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

The beloved fashion designer grew up in Montgomery Alabama but was born in Nuremberg Germany. The talented young man graduated from Washingtonville New York high school. After high school, Knight attended Georgia Southern University in Statesboro. There he graduated with a degree in apparel design and merchandising. All his fan, friends, and family will remember him as having a never give up kind of attitude.