Death Of The Conscious Remains After Death

Death, it happens to everyone eventually, but what exactly happens when a person dies? There are plenty of stories of people come back to life after apparently dying. Most say that they saw some sort of light at the end of a tunnel.

Some say that they saw themselves floating right above their doctors as they would work frantically to keep the person alive. Well until now, there has not been any proof that the mind is still alive after passing away.

Like in the ’90s cult horror “Flatliners,” which there is a remake and stars Ellen Page, scientist now know that a person’s consciousness remains working even after death.

In the movie, five young doctors conduct an experiment that shows them what happens during the afterlife. They would take turn stopping each other’s hearts.

Death Of The Conconsciousness Doesn’t Occur Until Some Time After Death Of The Brain

A doctor by the name of Sam Parnia, and his fellow team at the New York University Langone School of Medicine wanted to know.

They did so, in a far less dangerous way. Parnia and his team took a look at studies from Europe and the US. The studies were of people who have had heart attacks and were able to come back to life.

According to Parnia, people will describe seeing the nurses and doctors working on their bodies. They also explain hearing full conversations and other situations that they should not know.

Information provided by medical staff proved that these patients did indeed remember details of these situations.

Medically, death occurs when the heart is no longer beating, and blood can no longer reach the brain.

When this occurs, the brain can no longer function in order to keep the person alive.

Parnia goes on to say that the part of the brain that thinks, the cerebral cortex, slows tremendously and then flatlines.

Afterward, the brain dies.

He and Team also have been observing the way the brain reacts after a heart attack.

This isn’t the only instance that scientists have recorded brain activities after death.

Earlier this years, in Canada, doctors working in an intensive care unit found a person who whose brain was active close to 10 minutes after turning off their life support machine.