Prime Minister Of Japan Speaks About Missiles

On Monday, October 23, 2017, the Minister of Japan defense sent a message to North Korea of a nuclear and ballistic missile. The capabilities have increased to an unprecedented and imminent level that now need different responses. Japanese minister Mr. Itsunori Odonera announced the newest threat compels his country as a whole. They will now communicate with the U.S. to review all their options.

The prime minister says there are certain procedures that need to be in place before sending out missiles. The first is to get in contact with U.S. president, Donald Trump. Either to include military action from both countries or other plans of attack. In 2017 of both August and September Japan has been on edge. The reason being, North Korea sending two missiles over Japananese territory.

Japan May Be Ready To Send Out There Own Missiles

Odonata’s remarks, made through a translator, came at the start of a purported trilateral meeting in the Philippines with U.S. Guard Secretary Jim Mattis and South Korea’s barrier serve, Song Young-moo. In the interview questions, no one took any questions after each statement about North Korea. Doing so made all the news cameras and reporters very nervous. Jim Mattis was apart of the two-day meetings of the defense ministers from the ten Associations of the Southeast Asian Nations which was in the Philippines.

Jim Mattis was proud to be apart of the three-way interview with his counterparts from South Korea and Japan. He has another meeting later in the week with the South Korea government in Seoul. Jim Mattis meeting in a few days in Seoul is to focus primarily on North Koreas plans and consultative talks with the government. In comments that were about the North Korean danger, Japan’a prime minister said North Korea’s latest underground atomic test could have been a nuclear bomb, which is boundlessly more intense than a nuclear weapon.