Amazon Key Coming To A Door Near You

The online retailer, Amazon, has announced on Wednesday that they will be introducing Amazon Key to their customers. Open to Amazon Prime members; the new program will link internet-connected doors with an app that allows delivery people to enter their home.

With the service, a security camera called Cloud Cam will record the deliveries. The camera will beam live and recorded footage to an app for the homeowner to see.

People will be able to purchase bundles that include Cloud Cam and the smart lock for $250.

Amazon Key will be available in 37 cities on November 8.

After installing the kit, the customer will be able to select their in-home delivery options during checkout. Then, Amazon will send their customer an email for when the package will be at their home. However, the customer will have the option to cancel their in-home delivery and have their package left outside. Or, they can watch the delivery take place through a recording or live.

The cause of the bundles is to remove issues that some have with packages being taken from their doorsteps. It is also another example of how Amazon is bringing its service to their customers in a more convenient way. The new voice-activated speaker can read the news and tell jokes. However, it is more so geared at placing orders or streaming music from paid Amazon providers.

Amazon Key does not give those who work for Amazon “permission” to unlock customers’ doors. What happens is that Amazon Key comes up with a one-time authorization code that opens the door for a few minutes. This only occurs after the company verifies that the delivery person is at the right address.

Be that as it may, Cloud Cam costs $120 and will store the previous 24 hours of clips. If a customer buys a paid subscription, they will have the option to view footage from the last week or even a month of footage. Also, customers will have the opportunity to link more than one camera.