Yuli Gurriel Of The Astros Suspended

Yuli Gurriel, first baseman for the Astros, was suspended Saturday after making racially insensitive gestures during the third game of the World Series. Gurriel cannot play during the first five games of the 2018 season. The Cuban Ballplayer was in the home dugout squinting his eyes and pulling at the corners of his eyes. He did so after hitting a home run off Yu Darvish, the Japanese righthander for the Dodgers.

After making the gestures, he uttered the word that in Spanish translates to the little Chinese boy. With racial tensions high in America, MLB officials had no choice but to punish the baseball player.

After the game, Gurriel spoke out about the incident. He said that he had no defense as to why he made such offensive gestures. He stated that he apologizes for his actions to not only Darvish but to everyone.

The baseball player’s suspension is the longest in MLB history for a player making racially insensitive or homophobic gestures. The previous title holder is Yunel Escobar. The Cuban infielder had a three game suspension back in 2012. In Spanish, under one eye he wrote “you are” and on the under the other eye was a gay slur.

Yuli Gurriel, who is 33, was in Japan for some time before playing in the majors.

He did admit that he is aware that Japanese people take offense with people calling them Chinese.

Currently, he holds the title of having the most hits by a Cuban ballplayer in baseball history. During his suspension, he will not receive any pay. His five-game salary will actually go to charity.

He was also suspended back when the Cleveland Indians, and the Cub’s played during the World Series. Some Native Americans have spoken out about how they find the Cleveland Cheif Wahoo logo offensive. The reason being, that it appropriated a negative native culture stereotype.