Massive Explosions In Indonesia Kills 46

Massive explosions happened in a firework factory that is located in Indonesia. The blast took place in the early morning hours. The explosions occured at a factory base complex in Tangerang which is west of the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. Local police and health authorities report that  forty-six people have died due to the explosion. close to around 50 people have injuries from the explosions. Indonesia local police are searching for ten people.

The chief police officer of Tangerang area Harry Kurniawan says they are still rescuing victims. So far, there are forty-six body bags. There a lot of people who have injuries and tons more are missing. According to reports from harry, the fire is now under control. However, at an enormous price because some of the firefighter and police officershad injuries as well.

Massive Explosions In Firework Factory Causes Death To At Least 46 People

Police officers and firefighter are receiving treatment along the side of the people who were in the factory. A lot of people weer in the factory during the time of the massive explosions. As for the forty-six bodies that were in the plant not breathing they were all around each other in a group. Local law officials of Tangerang believe that all of the bodies that were around each other probally were trying to escape together.

Fire fighter say that some of the bodies that were in the warehouse during the explosions are highly unrecognizable. In total three explosions blazed at the warehouse one at nine in the morning, another an hour later. The last one was at one in the afternoon. The very first blaze from the fireworks sparked the roof of the building in flames. The explosions had an affect on local cars aswell. Massive fires were all about and new casters were able to catch it on camera.