Quinceañera Barbie Dolls Now Available

More than half of Barbie fans coming into womanhood celebrate a quinceañera. A Quinceañera birthday party is a rite of passage into womanhood. It is typically observed by girls turning fifteen years old are of Latino descent. Every Latino family that is preparing for their daughters fifteenth birthday will spend thousands of dollars on her well deserved birthday party. Mattel is now joining in on the trend. They are creating a Barbie doll for girls having their fifteenth birthday .

Mattel is making this new Barbie doll because fifteen-year-old Latina girls will receive a doll on the day of their quinceañera birthday party.

During the girl’s fifteenth , she will receive a doll from her parents and have a ritual dance with her father. After the dance, her father will present the young woman with a gift. The doll that her father gives her is the last doll she will ever receive. The toy must resemble the coming of age birthday girl, and for this reason, the quinceañera Barbie came about. Mattel says the challenge that may come about is having the actual doll resemble the young lady at her quinceañera.

A fifteen-year-old Austin Texas girl has received her quinceañera Barbie doll. Her only issue for her is that it does look like her, but there are a few flaws. Betzayda Esquivel, the fifteen-year-old from Texas, says although the Barbie does look like her they do not have matching dresses. The Barbie from mattel has a purple dress The young lady’s dress is more the color of a corol dollar. Mattel says as of right now they are only offering the purple color quinceañera dress for their dolls. The young lady’s mother, Yesenia says if Mattel would provide different color dress, skin tones, and hair colors the new Latina Barbie’s would sell like wildfire.