Pope Francis Shares Emotional Message

It is typically for pontiffs such as Pope Francis and many before him will travel the world. Recently Pope Francis went to Nettuno, Italy on November 2nd, 2017 where he visited a burial ground. The burial ground is a rest spot of almost eight thousand American soldiers. These American soldiers that are in the Nettuno Italy  cemetary were Southern Italy during World War II. The day of that Mass held at the church Pope Francis was attending that day he shared with the people that he believes the world is heading into the most significant world war of its time.

Pope Francis commemorated the fallen soldiers from World War II.

Also, he reminded the people of the church the significance of the buried soldiers. The visiting Pope expressed his feelings on how the world is now being heading towards another World War. Although, Pope Francis did not go into detail on the topic of the world being forced into another World War and being the worse of its time.

The statement is pointing toward the tension between the leaders of the U.S. and  North Korea. More so over comments and threating of nuclear bombing. The threats made by North Korea has spread instability and violence around the world. He included with this violence around the world will only lead to more human suffering and the loss of many innocent lives.

Recently the president of America, Mr. Donald Trump, left from his trip to Asia. He left a rhetoric and plenty of tension between the United States and North Korea. In a statement made by Trump, he said if push comes to shove America will destroy North Korea at war. Later in his speech, he added we would only go to war with North Korea if they continue to carry out its nuclear and missile programs.