Miami Officer Punches Woman At Football Game

Currently, there is a viral video making its way across the internet showing a police officer punching a young lady in the face who was under the influence of alcohol. At the time, other officers were carrying out of a University of Miami football game last Saturday.

In the video, officers are lifting and removing the woman from the Hard Rock Stadium. It occurred after the Miami Hurricanes beat Virginia tech 28-10. It looks as if the woman swings her arm twice at one of the officers. Her second swing connects and hits the officer in the face, to which his response is to hit her back in the face. After the striking, the woman, her head snaps back, and she is no longer conscious.

Video Surfaces Of Miami Cop Punching Woman In Her Face

Detective Alvaro Zabaleta of the Miami-Dade Police received a copy of the video and is investigating the situation. As of now, neither the cop or the woman’s identity have been released. The detective on the case is gathering as much information on the situation as possible.

Those in attendance of the say that the woman was heavily under the influence of alcohol. They were escorting her from the game due to her wild antics. Since the game, there has been no release of information from officers about the incident at hand.

People have been watching the video thousands and thousand of times since first hitting the internet. The footage was available soon after the altercation on Saturday.

According to reports from local news, the school employs off-duty cops to help keep the crowd under control. While on campus, the officers are to wear their work uniforms. Saturday’s game, plenty of fights broke out, requiring the involvement of police officers. For that reason, cops were walking amongst the crowds during the duration of the game.