Soccer Star Hope Solo Talks About Sexual Assault

Hope Solo, an American goalkeeper has come forward with an accusation that Sepp Blatter, the former FIFA President sexually assaulted her. According to Solo, the incident happened back in 2013 at the Ballon d’Or.

During an interview about gender and sexual assault, Solo spoke about how Sepp grabbed her buttocks. It occurred before she went on stage to present the FIFA World Player of the Year Award for 2012.

Even though he grabbed her buttocks, Solo continued to give away the award.
She says that she was very nervous during the presentation. After handing off the award, she did not get the chance to see Sepp again. If she would have, she says that she would have told him never to touch her again.
A rep for Solo was able to confirm all of the information that was given by the soccer player to the interviewers.

Hope Solo Speaks Out About Her Sexual Assault Encounter

However, a spokesman for Sepp has said that these allegations are nonsense and denies that the assault ever happened.
While still on the subject of sexual harassment, Solo said that it occurs more often than people think in the sports world. Also, that she hopes more people come forward to speak out on the issue.

In the interview, she goes on to say that it disappoints her that other women have not come forward in the sports world about sexual assault. Solo said that even though everyone has the right to make their own decisions on the matter, she just wishes more women would speak up. She understands that it is an uncomfortable conversation, but it needs to happen.

The soccer star believes that most women won’t speak on it due to them still working with the perpetrators. She wants the world to know that it is not just powerful white men committing these assaults. She says that it happens in all areas of life, between women, and men. Solo feels that the attention on the subject should not solely be on powerful white men, but anyone.

Last month on her Instagram account, she talked about her previous experience with sexual assault, utilizing the hashtag #MeToo.