Mandy Moore Shares Her Friendsgivinglunch

Singer and actress Mandy Moore is celebrating her thanksgiving early this year with her fiancé Taylor Goldsmith. Friends and family of Mandy Moore call it their annual Friendsgivinglunch.  It has become a tradition for the past several years. The popular actress says every year her closes friends and family come together for this fun event. They share what has happened since the previous year.

She says everyone speaks from the heart and brings the holiday cheer. At her Friendsgivinglunch event every year it is sponsored by American Express Blue Cash so it is like a potluck. Everyone comes casual, and everyone will sit right next to each other laughing and talk about life updates.

Mandy Moore Speaks About Her Family Traditions

First, everyone will hug and catch up during the dinner then it follows some light drinking with a yummy piece of the pie. Every year for their Friendsgivinglunch it is so much fun. She is so excited to spend it with her fiancé this year, says Mandy Moore. Ms. Moore is not only inviting her handsome fiancé Taylor Goldsmith but also his parents, friend of his and other family members of the Goldsmiths. Mandy Moore says she looks forward to cooking all day with her soon to be mother-in-law, Mrs. Goldsmith. She loves her company, and their conversations so much says, Ms. Moore.

The actress and singer said she plans to cook up some of her famous dishes for this up and coming Friendsgivinglunch. She plans to make her raw Brussels sprout salad and her Paleo pumpkin pie. She also shared that last year her salad was quite famous for their annual Friendsgivinglunch previous year. Mandy Moore’s Paleo pumpkin pie is new to this coming event because she is recently gluten intolerance, so she plans to make this pie gluten-free. She says it is always good to have a gluten-free option at the holiday dinner table.