Business Leaders Speak With Theresa May

The business leaders of the United Kingdom and Europe shared with the Prime Minister Theresa May of their Brexit issues they are having with them. Representative groups from Business Europe and CBI discussed in a meeting about the recent press news. Business Europe and CBI plan to change the current deal that will preserve their statuses quo after Brexit. Carolyn Fairbairn, the chief in charge of CBI, says after their intense meetings all day money ended in a no deal move on their part but are open to new ideas for all businesses included.

After many hours, there was still now deal between the business leaders.

The German Lobby group warned the companies to agree upon the final decision would cost all of their economic aspects will suffer the most. Martin Wansleben is the CEO of the German chambers of commerce and has been for several years. Late Monday morning he shared with newspapers that the car industry in the surrounding areas alone will face annual tariffs. The tariffs are well over two billion dollars over the trade with the UK. As well as the Europe will have a decrease under the World Trade Organization rules, says Martin Wansleben. Businesses in both countries are extremely concerned at this point due to the lack of any progress and negotiations.

Their progress has been plodding, and it is only one month away before decisive December Europe Council will be forced to make a final decision, said the President of Business in Europe Emma Marcegaglia. The Institute of Directors and the CBI were there in representation. Also available were business leaders from the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic. All were intendance in the meetings on Monday, November 13, 2017. There have been rumors saying the trade discussions may collapse before the 2017 December decisions.