People Are Saying Goodbye To Sugary Drinks

For both adults and children, the consumption of surgery drinks has been on the decline for some time. Sodas and other sugary drinks were the number one source of sugar in Americans diets in the United States.

Researchers have seen that nearly a twenty percent drop in American children drinking sugary beverages between years 2003 to 2014. As for the adults in the U.S., the daily drinking of sugary beverages has decreased. The study is being carried out by Harvard researchers. They want to declare the damage high sugar drinks have done to the American people’s bodies.

Sara Bleich, is a leading professor at Harvard University. She says unhealthy beverage consumption overall has been on the decline in the last decade. The numbers continue to drop year after year. Bleich believes that maybe now people in the U.S. are listening to the message on how unhealthy sugary drinks are to the body.

Though there has been a great decline on surgery drink consumption, the U.S. health wise is still not in the clear.

Obesity is still one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Americans being overweight is always an epidemic. There are more children, teens, young adults, older-adults, and seniors that are obese than ever before.

Sara Bleich says that in the U.S., we are still eating and drinking too many calories. We are not active enough to lose some of that bad weight. If we continue to over eat regardless of the decrease in drinking sugary drinks, the obese rate will only rise over time.

A senior clinical nutritionist at New York University Medical Center Samantha Heller says it is good that Americans are drinking less sugary beverages. However, we need to work on consuming less sugar all around. Samantha believes if Americans reduce the amounts of sugar both in foods and drinks, it will lower the overall obese rate.