UCLA Basketball Players Stole While In China

During a news conference on Wednesday, LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill, all from the UCLA basketball team apologized for stealing while in China. All three boys have been suspended indefinitely from playing on the team. They also had to stay behind in China after the accusation.

When the conference came to an end, UCLA athletic director Dan Guerro spoke to reporters. He said that all three players admitted that they had shoplifted at three different stores. Also, that Chinse authorities have withdrawn any charges. The students had to give up their passports and pay a $2,200 bail. Also, they had to agree to a travel restriction.

When Cody spoke, he began by saying that his behaviour was shameful  and very embarrassing. He then acknowledged his part in the thievery. Cody went on to thank President Trump for intervening. He was also thankful to the staff members and Chinese police for treating them well.

Afterward, it was Ball’s turn. Not only did he apologize for stealing, but he gave the people of China an apology as well. He said that he would not make any excuses for their dumb decisions. He also thanked Trump for his and his team’s help.

UCLA Players Caught Stealing From China

Next up was Hill. He chose to apologize to all of the UCLA fans. The reason being, he feels as though he has hurt them the most. He acknowledges that what he and the other two did was stupid.

After speaking, all three men left.

Steve Alford, a coach at UCLA, said that the school had not given out all of the information out on the matter. The reason being, they wanted to make sure the boys were going to come home from China without any issues.

He says that players are good young men who made terrible choices. However, it is something that they all will have to live with.

As for their current time playing, they all are under an indefinite suspension from the team.