Leopard Rescue In India Photo Wins Award

In mid-July of 2012 around the early morning in a small tribal village in the east-west part of India, an emergency call was made to Anada Bora. The request came to him because in that small town a wild leopard that was in need of help. Where you may ask, in a well of water and was unable to get out without some assistance.

The people of India know Bora for being a local teacher and for being an animal lover. However, Mr. Bora it is comfortable receiving calls like this one because he is a professional wildlife photographer. He has helped in countless rescue missions along the side of the local forest officers. Anada Bora called the local forest officers and rushed to the scene. He was able to capture an almost four-hour effort to save the wild, scared and tired leopard from drowning in the well water.

Leopard Picture Leads To Award

Around the first week of November, one of that breathtaking photographs from that rescue won an award for a prominent wildlife photography. The picture captured the forest officers making eye contact with the wild leopard. This was mid-way through the effort of getting the restless animal out of the well water.

The image has left people around the world wanting to know more of the story behind this fantastic photograph. Also, the five-year-old picture emerges now in the midst of rising episodes of creature human clash in India.

In an interview with BBC new Bora says he recalls when he captured the picture. He says at the very moment, the animal seemed very calm. Bora saw that he accepted the fact that they were there to help him. The picture speaks a thousand words but mostly by the wild leopard knowing that the rescue on that day would not harm the leopard and he knew we were just trying to help him.