Suicide Bomber Kills Dozens In Nigeria

In the North-east area of Nigeria, a suicide bomb attack occurred early Tuesday morning. It was  during morning prayers in mosques where the dozen of people were killed. The suicide attack is thought to be by Mubi because the militant group of Boko Haram has killed thousands of people. Boko Haram militant group has displaced millions in the region of Nigeria. Mubi is from a small town in Adamawa state but does not have a name.

Boko Haram group of men have used very young children to carry out attacks throughout Nigeria. The Boko Haram group would send children starting at the age of five to busy areas such as mosques, checkpoints, and marketplaces. They did so in these past few years to carry out attacks on the Nigerian people.

Suicide Bombers Strike In Nigeria

Sadly, the recent suicide bomb attack is the highest death toll from all the attack by the militant group. Imagines seen on television taken after the latest suicide attack shows a gaping hole in the wall of the mosques praying area, with bloodstains all over the floors of the mosques.

A local police officer of Nigeria Othman Abubakar says the toll rate at the sighting was at least fifty. At this point, there have been twenty-seven dead bodies. The bodies are of only boys and men pulled out of the mosques praying area. Doctors from all surrounding areas were called in to help the people who were injured during the suicide bombing attack. They want to keep them alive from their wounds.
Right now the actual body count is unsure. People with severe wounds are dying right in front of the doctors says Abubakar Muhammed. He is a staff member that works in the hospital. The hospital in the area does not have enough blood to save everyone. They are asking for people to donate as soon as possible.