David Cassidy Dies At The Age Of 67

The lead singer in the Partridge Family from the 1970’s David Cassidy passed away recently. He came to his fame being a teen heartthrob in the early 70’s and still has fans today. On Tuesday, November 21st, 2017, the sixty-seven-year-old lead singer died due to health complications. This information comes from his Jo-Ann Geffen his David Cassidy publicist.

In the past few weeks, the singer and actor from the was admitted to the intensive care unit. The hospital is in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. At only sixty-seven, David Cassidy was suffering from organ failure and other critical conditions before his death.

David Cassidy Passes Away At 67

In a statement made from his publicist, she says that during his death, he was around close friends and family. He did not want to suffer through organ failure for the rest of his life. His family was well aware of his wishes. His close friends and family want to thank everyone for their support that they have shown David Cassidy. Also for the support of his family over the years he has been in the entertainment business.

Jack Cassidy, a beloved nephew of the actor/singer from the 70s posted on his social media accounts saying my uncle’s recent death is excruciating.  However, him and his family can not help but be proud of him and give thanks for all the joy he has brought to millions of people across the world.

David Cassidy fans, friends and family say he was born to be in the entertainment industry. For that reason, he became such a big star and folks will always remember him. Both mother Evelyn Ward and his father Jack Cassidy was in the entertainment industry. People remember is mother as a beautiful, sassy actress, and his father was both a singer and actor as David was in the 1970s.