Heart Disease Will One Day No Longer Kill

The number one killer in America remains of heart disease otherwise known as coronary heart disease. Doctor William Frishman believes that one day in America no one will die from heart disease. If any it will be very few. Doctor Frishman in an interview with Newsmax health magazine says the numbers of deaths caused by heart disease are slowly decreasing.

He also says that every day there are discoveries on how to lower high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Also, that there are even medications for heart disease. There are hundreds of medication drugs that are lowing the risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Soon, it will no longer be the number one cause of the death in the U.S., he says.

Heart Disease Is On The Decline

Later in his interview with Newsmax health magazine, he said back when he started working as a doctor little to nothing could be done when a patient suffered from heart problems. He has been a doctor for over forty-five years. The doctor believes saving a patient from having a heart attack in those days were almost impossible.

Doctor Frishman shared that physicians would give a patient suffering from heart issues some oxygen and hoped that they would pull through. Dr. William Frishman is the director of the Westchester Medical Center in New York. He is a chairman of the Department of Medicine as well as New York at the Medical College of Valhalla.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports the number of deaths caused by coronary heart issues has plummeted more than sixty-one percent. Fewer people in America have heart attacks, and the few that do can still live a long and healthier life with the assistance of medications, says Doctor William Frishman.

People in America forty-five years ago would only live months after suffering an unexpected heart attack. Now that has changed. Patients who have heart attacks in 2017 are expected to live an additional twenty to forty years longer.