John Wall To Sit Out For Two Weeks

Wizard’s point guard John Wall is not able to play for at least two weeks. He is currently recovering from a sore knee. According to a statement from the Wizards, he will be receiving a platelet-rich plasma treatment as well has supplement shots to his left knee. Over the last few week, Wall was experiencing soreness in his knee. At one point, he had to have it drained of fluids.

John Wall Off The Court For Two Weeks

It was after the Nov. 7 game against the Dallas Mavericks that Wall began to feel the pain. He and a player from the other team came in contact with each other and bumped knees. So far during the season, he has had to sit out for two games. One was due to his ankle and another due to a shoulder injury.

While Wall sits out, back up point guard, Tim Frazier will play in his spot. Also, Bradley Beal will be doing some ball handling while he’s out. Currently, the Wizards are 1-1 without Wall playing. On average, Wall was putting up 20.3 points, and 9.2 assist each game.

How will this affect the Wizards?

In the Eastern Conference, the Wizards are in 7th place and are 10-8. Wall being out for some time can mean trouble for his team. Be that as it may, it is always best to make sure your best players are healthy and ready to play.

It is very possible for Wall to play through the pain and soreness he has been feeling. He was able to play during Wednesday’s game against the Charlotte Hornets. John Wall was even able to score 31 points and 11 assists. The point guard had been playing in his bad week for three weeks now. However, the Wizards want to make sure he is injury free before putting him back in the games. It’s always best to make sure your best players are good for the long haul.