Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Engaged

The Prince Harry and American  actress Meghan Markle are finally engaged. Early morning Monday, November 27, 2017, the cute couple made their first appearance since their engagement. The couples took professional photographs in the same place they very first met a while back. Prince Harry says he knew from the moment he met her at the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace located in London that she would become his wife one day. The couple had time to chit-chat with reporters, and tell them what was like meeting for the first time. Also, how happy they are to be making their engagement public now.Of course, the reporter were asking how the prince chose to propose. However, the couple is not yet letting all the details out.

Prince Harry was at least willing to tell them whether or not the proposal was romantic.

With a smile on his face said yes of course it was. Meghan Markle willingly flashed her beautiful large engagement ring to the reports. She  says she has never been so happy as she is now planning a wedding with the love of her life.

Prince Harry was heavily apart of the creation of the ring alongside Botswana jewelers. Medalists to her Majesty the Queen as well as Cleave And Company Court Jewelers. The ring is a gold-toned ban with a massive diamond from Botswana jewelers an has two smaller diamonds.

The little accent diamonds are from Prince Harry’s collect that was in his late mothers Princess of Wales Diana. Ring. Harry purposely held on to his mother’s small diamonds to someday add them to his future wife engagement ring. Meghan Markle engagement ring holds a particular significance to the cute couple. They have been inseparable for well over a year in a half. Prince Harry and fiancé Meghan Markle have spent more of their relationship in the Kensington Palace.