Lonzo Ball And Steph Curry

It hasn’t been the easy beginning for Lonzo Ball when it comes to playing in the NBA. So far, he has been averaging 8.7 points. 7.1 assists and 1.3 rebounds a game.

Even so, he’s also been receiving a lot of media attention due to his father, LaVar Ball. On Wednesday, he will have a chance at playing against the two-time MVP champion Steph Curry as the Lakers face the Warriors.

Curry has said in interviews that he “kind of” can relate to Lonzo when it comes to certain aspects of his life. For example, Curry did not have the smoothest transition into the NBA. He also was dealing with the fact that his father, Dell Curry, played 16 seasons in the NBA. Not necessarily a bad thing, but the pressure was mounting for a young Curry.

Be that as it may, Dell Curry wasn’t telling people that his son Steph was better than star players such as Kobe Bryant. He did, however, have to deal with everything that comes with having a famous father.

Steph Curry and Lonzo Ball Face Each Other Wednesday Night

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