Barbara Dunn-Leonard Executive, Dies

Barbara Dunn-Leonard passed away in her sleep from natural causes at the age of sixty. Barbara Dunn-Leonard was a longtime entertainment executive and one of the best in his field. For years she worked at Ralph Edwards Production otherwise known as REP in the senior management. She started working in the entertainment business in early 1983. Eight years ago in 2009 she finally retirement from Ralph Edwards Productions. Some of her best work behind the camera is when she co-produced the hit television series known as The People’s Court. Barbara Dunn-Leonard worked close with Stu Billet Productions as well throughout her career.

The late Barbara Dunn-Leonard in her early years started small working for television industries and even the radio.

One of her first productions was a top-rated tv show at the time called Truth or Consequences. Throughout her entertainment career, she held many different essential titles. Before she retired she was named the president of entertainment.

At Ralph Edwards Productions she was the head director of development of their programming and marketing team. In Barbara Dunn-Leonard entertainment career she was able to produce and manage many TV shows and even live events in her days. While she was still working at REP productions, Barbara Dunn-Leonard was the manager of the entertainment business library.

Some of her memorable co-executive producer TV series includes Rise and Shine, This is Your Life, and the animated film Annabelle’s Wish. That movie was one of her favorites. Between 2000 to 2007 she oversaw and developed Wish-Works project. Wish-Works project was very close to her year, and she put all her love into this project for seven years. Barbara Dunn-Leonard supported whole heartily the United Auto Workers & General Motors that is a national sponsorship of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of the United States. At the time both foundations were the largest at the time.