Tim Kendall Stepping Down From Pinterest

Tim Kendall otherwise is the the president of the top-rated Pinterest website and application. He has been working hard for Pinterest since the very beginning of 2012. However, he hasn’t seen any huge increase over the last five years. The president of Pinterest Tim Kendall is now planning on leaving the company by the end of 2017. Pinterest was a small startup advertising company and was launching a wide range of ad products and have grown worldwide.

Tim Kendall Stepping Down As President Of Pinterest

Kendall’s role in the business was to oversee the companies business operations for the last five years in a row. Also to watch them go from small advertising products to now a large experimental budget that is worth tons of money. Now, even bigger businesses and companies.

Pinterest targeting number for 2017 is looking to be around five hundred million dollars. The Pinterest company steadily refines the way they advertise to their business for yearly revenue. Although the Pinterest business has not finished some of it early projects that were promised years ago, they now have over two hundred million monthly active users. The two hundred million users on Pinterest has made it possible for their company to go full on court press on its advertising products. Also, into bigger and better markers and brand deals.

In a statement, Tim Kendall said he is leaving Pinterest by the end of this year. He was with them for nearly six as a way to start something new in his life. He says he has plans to start his venture in the world of advertising. Tim Kendall thinks he will now put the faith of this company into the hands of the Senior Vice President for Commerce and Ads Jon Alferness. Jon Alferness will soon be the head of Pinterest and increase their advertising business.