Missile Strike Tests In Hawaii

Not since the Cold War, has anyone from the state of Hawaii had to hear missile attack warning sirens. Well, that was until last Friday, Dec. 1.

Now, sirens such as those for hurricanes or natural disasters are normal in Hawaii. However, the Hawaii Emergency Management Agence thought it was best to add the new one.

The sirens alert the citizens of the state, whether by radio or television of a threat. Also, it will let them know whether they need to evacuate or not. The alarm will wail a minute long beep. This will be the signal for residents to find shelter until they receive the message that everything is all clear.

Since November, they tests have been on the schedule. It was after North Korea made statements indicating that they were testing nuclear missiles.

Officials in Hawaii are taking the necessary precautions in case war were to break out.

North Korea and U.S. have been going back and forth with threats about missile launches and war for some time now. However, President Trump doesn’t believe that there will be a nuclear strike anytime soon.

According to the EMA administrator of Hawaii, Vern Miyagi, everyone in the state should remain alert. Also, to prepare for any and all possibilities of a missile strike.

Reports say that some schools are Hawaii, particularly elementary schools, have been keeping their students busy. More so with their families assembling packages with photos of this families and their favorite foods. They say it helps keep the kids calm through these troubling times. The reports also say that the schools are doing so in order to keep the kids calm during a possible attack

The emergency testing will continue for some time until they know for sure no attack will occur. The siren will go off at 11:45 a.m. every month on the first business day.