Ed Sheeran Talks About Duet With Beyonce

In an interview at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball at KIIS-FMs radio with Ed Sheeran in Inglewood California at the Capital One forum, he said getting a hold of queen B is not easy at all. Queen B or as everyone knows her as Beyonce. She is one of the top singers in the world, mommy of three, businesswoman and an actress. She does it all and even did a duet with Ed Sheeran. The twenty-six-year-old singer said he managed to get in contact with Beyonce, but it was not easy. He says she is a very busy woman. Dec. 1, Sheeran said that he was able to snag a duet with the singing phenom.

Ed Sheeran Speaks About Working With Beyonce On Duet

All this started in early May of 2017.  Ed Sheeran says that since then, the two have been working really hard on their track. In his interview, he says he originally had one email for Beyonce, but she changes her email weekly. With Beyonce, email and contact system changing weekly came to no surprise. However, they were able to work out all the kinks to make a beautiful song in a duet together. After the very first email sent in May of 2017, he was able to get on the phone with Beyonce and have still kept in contact, shared Ed Sheeran.

No one knows how Queen B pulls it off because she was pregnant throughout some of the makings of the duet with Ed Sheeran and she gave birth in June with her twin babies. The twenty-six-year-old Ed Sheeran says they were somehow able to finish the duet in late September and has been holding on to the song since then. The duet is called Perfect, and its very first release was on November 30th, 2017, which was a Thursday.