Chef Mario Batali Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Multiple women are accusing the celebrity chef Mario Batali of sexual harassment in recent entertainment news. The New York Eater journal was first to report the findings of the sexual harassment charges. The four women are saying that Celebrity Chef Mario Batali was inappropriate with them. He was intimately touching them for over two decades and now the women want to take a stand. Celebrity Chef Mario Batali is a large part of the ABC’s The Chew TV show and loves to cook for the crew on the television show.

The chef is not only famous on tv but he also has over a dozen cooking related books and some are still best sellers. Mario Batali also runs a very successful restaurant in New York named Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca. Celebrity Chef Mario Batali also is partnered with Jose Bastianich and together they own B&B Hospitality Groups. The B&B Hospitably Groups operates over twenty restaurants worldwide. Just recently Chef Mario Batali opened a sixty thousand square foot restaurant in Los Angeles California. He calls it Eataly, basing it on his Italian heritage.

Chef Mario Batali Under Investigation After Sexual Accusations

ABC announced that Chef Mario Batali is on leave from The Chew TV show until further notice. The reason being, recent allegations of sexual harassment to multiple women. In a statement given by the celebrity chef himself, he says as of right now he needs to step away from my day to day jobs. Those include The Chew TV show and from his various businesses.

He says he needs to put everything on hold for the time being while officials review his case. The Celebrity Chef, in the same report, says he thoroughly apologizes to the women he has mistreated and hurt. As of now, officials are yet to reveal the names and identities of the women in this case.