Krill Tereshin, 21, Injects Arms With Oil

Krill Tereshin is an ex-soldier from the city of Pyatigorsk, in Russia. The 21-year-old has can now be seen all over social media. The reason being pictures and videos of Krill showing off his enormously engorged biceps. How them that way, is by injecting his arms with the chemical synthol.

People are calling the swollen lad the “Russian Popeye.” Some say so, due to tot he eery similarities he has with the famous sailor cartoon.

Be that as it may, the young Russian is risking his life by continuing with the injections. Doctors claim that if he continues with his regiment, he could end up losing his limbs.

One doctor says that if he continues with the injections, he can potentially lose movement in his arms. The muscles in his arms could turn into hard, gritty material, enabling them useless.

Those in the profession powerlifting world say that Krill is in need of medical help

They say they can see it all over the young man’s face.

One lifter goes on to say that it’s easy to see on his face that he is being very unhealthy. They say that he doesn’t just need his arms and drained or his blood detoxified. However, he also needs help for his mind.

In only ten days after leaving the army, Krill was able to grown is biceps ten inches. Now, his arms are twenty-four inches thick and will continue to grow.

Tereshin, on the other hand, believes that everything is ok.

However, he admits there was a point in which he was getting fevers. Once it occurred, he says he would just lie in bed, feeling as if life was leaving him.

There’s a lot people can say about the young Russian. However, there is one thing those cannot. The guy never misses arm day!