Austria Citizens Upset Over Non-Smoking Ban

According to the Far-Right Freedom Party, the plans that were set in place for the total ban on smoking in bars and restaurants in Austria has been is no more. The prohibition of total nonsmoking in restaurants and bars was going to take place in early May 2018. This as due to the policy of the civil governments in Austria. Unfortunately, the plans will no longer happen by the conservative People’s party and the Freedom Parties. Both sides are to form the upcoming coalition in the Austrian government.

Even though the ban for lighting up a cigarette in bars and restaurants did not change, the age requirements will vary. In May of 2018, the age requirement for purchasing cigarettes will be now be eighteen years  of age with an ID. Austria also still plans to ban smoking in a vehicle driving or parked with children under the age of eighteen. It is also illegal for parents to drive and smoke with their underage children in the car.

Austria Scraps Plans To Ban Smoking In Bars And Restaurants

Heinz Christian Strache, the leader of the Freedom Party, says that he is happy and proud of the new laws in placed in Austria. He says they all have some common ground when it comes to smokers, non-smokers and owners of bars and restaurants.

In Austria, bars and restaurants allow patrons to smoke. However, they have to do so in restricted areas. Pamela Rendi-Wagner, a Health Minister in Austria, says this may be a step back. She believes with time it will change. Not banning smoking from bars and restaurants is an issue. People are not taking into consideration the health risks for non-smoking patrons. It is not fair for them to have to tolerate other people’s poor decisions and habits. She says they will keep fighting until no one is able to smoke while in restaurants or bars.