Native Americans Are Upset With Health Care

Native Americans life expectancy in the United States is twenty years less than the life expectancy in the nation’s average. Some of the reasons for their shorts lives is because Native American health programs are severely under-funded.

Health programs for Native Americans in the U.S. do not receive enough funds from the U.S. Congress. A quarter of the American Indians population chose report on certain issues. Those issues include discrimination when going to a hospital, clinic or just seeing a doctor regularly. The findings of these reasons for our Native Americans were published by the Harvard T.H. Chan University School of Public Health and by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Native Americans Not Receiving Enough Funds For Health Care

A member of the Hidatsa tribe Margaret Moss has been a nurse for her community in the Indian Health Services and other health programs. A Native American woman herself Margaret Moss is now teaching a nursing program at the University of Buffalo. She shares that throughout her lifetime she has seen countless racisms toward herself and of her Native American people in the healthcare facilities. Sadly, she even saw it when she was  working as a nurse. anAlso when she was seeking proper healthcare for her son.

Ms. Moss says she recalls one time when her son had broken his arm and had health insurance. The doctor, instead of doing his job, did not want to do anything to help her son. Margaret Moss said it did not matter to the physician what was going to happen to her son. All he saw was a Native American family who needed help and assumed I could not afford health care. From then on I would pull out her business card indication that she was a nurse. That would always do the trick because it switched everything. The doctors then knew they could get into trouble for racisms and refusing proper healthcare for her son.