Diddy Looking To Purchase Football Team

It wasn’t too long ago that Diddy was claiming that he would like to be the NFL. However unlikely, he does the ability to purchase the Carolina Panthers who are up for sale.

Well, Daddy has a two-part plan that he wants to put in motion. He wants to buy the Panthers and sign Colin Kaepernick to the team. When Kaepernick heard of Diddy’s plan, he came up with some of his own. Kaep hasn’t isn’t currently playing for any team. He’s looking to move from playing to owning a team himself.

Diddy has been on Kaepernick’s side since he began protesting the national anthem back in 2016.

An hour later after the announcement, did began flooding Twitter with tweets. His first tweets were about asking his followers to spread the word. Over 40,000 users did so.
The 47-year-old multimillionaire feels as though there is a lack of diversity when it comes to the owners for football teams.

Diddy Looking To Purchase North Carolina Panthers

Not too long ago, a picture of Diddy and Kaepernick was posted on the mogul’s Twitter page. In the caption, he says he is honored with what the ex-player has been doing for the community.

In a video on Instagram, Diddy says that he would like to send a message to all the beautiful people of North Carolina. He says that he will be the best pick as owner for the team. Also, that next year he would have COlin paying for his team.

In order for the hitmaker to bid credible for ownership of them, he’s going to need some partners. At the beginning of 2017, Forbe’s has Diddy’s net worth coming in at $820 million. The website speaking on the sale for the team says that the owner will need $2.3 billion to acquire the team before making any moves.