UCLA Basketball Team Extends Suspension

After admitting to shoplifting while in China back in November, the UCLA basketball team has chosen to extend the suspension for freshman Jalen Hill and Cody Riley.

On Friday, a joint statement came out from Coach Steve Alford and Athletic director Dan Guerrero.

Riley and Hill still can not travel with their fellow Bruin’s teammates. They also cannot suit up when there are home games. However, their coach says that starting Dec. 26., they will be able to participate in practices and team meetings again.

In the statement, Alford says that he told his team that their actions would have consequences. He also says that he wants to show his team that they take misconduct very seriously.

Though LiAngelo Ball was under suspension with teammates Riley and Hall, his father LaVar has withdrawn him from the college. Alford said that he did not see LiAngelo leaving the school coming. Ball will play professionally for a team in Lithuania.

In the statement on Friday, Alford said that the two players have been doing very well by listening and doing what they are told, The continue to do well in their classes and are working on their game.

UCLA Basketball Team Extends Suspension For Jalen Hill and Cody Riley

On Nov. 15, all three boys read their statements, apologizing for their actions.

Guerrero says that they will continue to support the boys as they continue their school work and athletic career at the school. He adds that he hopes they take this suspension as a means to never steal again.

The UCLA basketball team began their season playing in Shanghai against Georgia Tech. The game was apart of the Pac-12’s annual Chinese games.

LaVar Ball and President Donald Trump were engaging publicly back and forth on the China issue. The president of America said with the help of himself and a Chinese counterpart; he was able to get the boys released from jail. He then went on to say that the players need to thank not only him but President Xi Jinping for helping them get out the country, unscathed.