Vitamin D and Calcium For Bones

According to new research, those who take vitamin D and calcium supplements are just as likely to break their bones, such as their hips, as those who don’t take the same supplements.

This new information comes after researchers went through data from over 51,000 people who were 50 or older living on their own. After reading the 33 different trials, they found that there wasn’t a difference in bone breakages among those who were given a dummy pill or vitamin and those not given anything.

Vitamin D works with calcium in the body to help support healthy bones.

Many of those in our elder community typically take the two supplements. In adults, doctors recommend for adults to take 600 international units of vitamin D. Adults 70 and up are to intake 800 international units of vitamin D.

Certain folks get all the vitamin D they need by spending a bit of time outdoors. Older adults can help lower their risk of fractures and falls by keeping their weight in healthy numbers. Also by doing exercises that help improve coordination and their balance.

There are side effects to taking doses of vitamin D that is 1,000 IU or more. More so if taken with calcium. Research has linked the two with an increase in fractures and some cancers.

For the trials on this study, they took into consideration risk of hip and spinal fractures. Also, any other form of broken bones.

There was a lack of association with vitamin D, calcium, and bone fractures in both men and women.

The loss of bone density can occur naturally as people age. Going through menopause can cause for it to happen at a faster rate.

Researchers in this study advise for people to look at their diet before intaking more vitamin D or calcium.

However, people who are taking supplement shouldn’t stop taking them before speaking to their doctor first.