Mark Hamill Posts Tribute To Fallen Actress

On Twitter, Mark Hamill chose to make a post about his late Star Wars costar, Carrie Fisher, one year after her passing.  At the time of her death, she was only 60 years old. People are stilling mourning the death of the real life Princess Leia.

In the tweet he says that one is really gone while adding two hashtags, “#AlwaysWithUs” and “#CarrieOnForever.”

Mark Hamill also posted a picture of the two of them from when they were in the original Star Wars. Also, a picture of the two from their latest movie The Last Jedi.

After filming with each other in the 1977 Star Wars, Mark Hamill and Fisher became real close. At the time, they were both stars on the rise. In the new special issue of Star Wars: The Ultimate Guide to The Last Jedi from People’s magazine, Hamill talks about him and Fisher’s final performance together.

Mark Hamill Tweets Tribute To Carrie Fisher

In the issue, he says that selfishly, he is mad that Fisher is no longer here to keep him laughing. However, he is grateful for all the time and laughs she was able to give while alive. For him, he says that this time with her away hasn’t been the easiest.

In the latest movie, the onscreen siblings come together for the first time in the movie. Fisher was able to be screen a few times with the whole cast. She was also in a few scenes with her real life daughter Billie Lourd.

Since first appearing in the 2015 Star Wars movies The Force Awakens, the young actress has been in many more projects.

While flying to Los Angles from London last December, Fisher had a heart attack. Paramedics were quick to get Fisher of the plane to get her to the nearest hospital. Doctors were treating her for cardiac arrest. Four days later, she died.