Maria Exposto Cleared Of Drug Charges

Back in December of 2014, Maria Elvira Pinto Exposto was under arrest at the Kuala Lumpur airport. At the time, she was caring 2.4 pounds of crystal meth.

The court believed her when she said that she did not know that the drugs were in her case.

Her attorney told the court that his client, unfortunately, fell for an online romance scam. She had been duped into carrying the the drugs for someone else.

In Malaysia, they take drug trafficking very seriously, and the punishment for committing the crime is death y hanging.

They consider anyone in possession of at least 1.75 ounces of meth as drug traffickers.

After her acquisition, she cried as she hugged her son. Maria has three grandchildren as well.

54-year-old Maria was traveling to Melbourne from Shanghai when she was arrest.

Her lawyer says that his defendant traveled to China to meet a man online who calls himself Captain Daniel Smith. He told her that he did work for the U.S.

Unable to actually meet him in person, she found herself carrying a backpack to Melbourne for a stranger.

Maria Elvira Pinto Exposto Receives Acquisition From Crime

Her Lawyer claims that the feeling of love for Captain Daniel Smith was very overwhelming for his client. She wasn’t thinking about her husband, kids, or her future.

Though there are many people in Malaysia that have been sentenced to death, only a handful have actually been hung.

Lawmakers in the country have voted to change the law. They want capital punishment not to be mandatory when it comes to drug trafficking charges.

Be that as it may, the bill has to pass through the upper house. Prosecutors are currently trying to appeal against her current verdict.

In 1986 two men from Australia, Kevin Barlow and Brian Chambers did receive death by hanging because of drug offenses. In 1993, Michael McAuliffe did receive death by hanging due to drug offenses as well.