Asbestos In Claire’s Makeup Leads To Recall

Due to asbestos claims, there is a recall on 17 makeup products at Claire’s. It was only after a mom sent  her young daughter’s make up to be tested the franchise chose to withdraw the items from their shelves.

Kristi Warner could not believe what she was reading when the lab results came back positive for asbestos. Asbestos can cause mesothelioma, a form of cancer.

Warner told reports that she sank to the floor after reading the results. She couldn’t fathom how this particular substance got into her home.

Tests on 16 other products from the store were done by The Scientific Analytical Institute. All of the items were from stores across the US. Results came back positive for all 16 products.

On the UK website for Claire’s, they have all of the items on their recall list.

While the investigation continues, those with any of the items are to bring them back for a full return. They can bring their items to any Claire’s store.

Asbestos In Makeup From Claire’s

The store did, however,  issue out a statement over the recalling of the items with their sincerest apologies.

In their statement, they say that their customer’s safety is of the utmost importance to the franchise. Also, that they are very passionate about not only the safety but the integrity of all of their products.

They go on to say that they work very closely with all of their vendors. Claire’s stores make sure to test and assess all of their products to ensure that they meet all guidelines and regulations.

Claire’s says that after finding out about the tainted makeup, they were sure to pull them from sale right away. However, their next move is to conduct an investigation immediately into the matter at hand.

After they receive more information and the results, they will take further action.