Concussion Leads To New NFL Policies

The NFL Players’ Association and the NFL both agreed on Saturday for no disciplinary action after Texan Quarterback chose to return to the field after sustaining a concussion. Officials say that the player in question, Tom Savage, was indeed struggling on the field.

The league and the union both said in a joint statement that the incident was unacceptable. Also, that it is proof that their needs to be an improvement on concussion protocol. However, there will be no punishments for anyone violating the concussion rules.

However, there will be a slew of changed to concussion protocols.

Below are some of the new protocols dealing with a concussion:

There will be a neurotrauma consultant at the league’s office base. They will monitor games on a television. They will have access to a phone that can contact any of the on-site medical staff as soon as they see an injury occur. The consultant will instruct the medical staff to remove the player from the field. If they appear to have any signs of a concussion, they cannot return to game.

Any players that appear to have signs of either an impact seizure or fencing response will now return to the field.

Any player who seems as though they are stumbling or fall from a standing position will have to return to the locker room for a full evaluation.

Officials, players, and coaches are to take any player that receives an injury to medical staff. Especially, if the player looks to have a concussion.

Players who undergo evaluations during play time also have to have a follow-up evaluation by the next day.

Neurotrauma consultants will be on site at all post-season games instead of only being available during the regular season.
The NFL wants to be sure that what happened to Savage never occurs again.