Live Water, A company That Provides Pure Water

During 2017, according to reports from the New York Times, there are folks lining up for what they call “raw water.” The Company, Live Water, are selling the item for six dollars a gallon.

On their site, they say that bottled water and other filtered water use UV light to sterilize the waters. Also sub-micro filters and ozone gas. According to the company, these are the same practices used when making juice and said products in order for them to remain on your shelf or in your fridge. However, these techniques destroy minerals and probiotics essential in water.

Live Water say on their site that their untreated, unfiltered spring water is great for people’s mental and physical health.


Live Water: Is Good For You?

The owner of the company claims that tap water contains the same elements of toilet water. He claims that Chloramine and fluoride are actually bad additives. Mukhande Singh, the owner, says that there are no real dental health benefits from drinking tap water.

He may not be all the way wrong. For example, in Flint, Michigan, plenty of antibiotics and hormones were found in their water. Unfortunately, this shows that people cannot always trust the government when it comes to delivering fresh water to their citizens.

Be that as it may, spring water can contain things such as e. Coli and other diseases. Animals defecate in spring water, thus why campers utilize purification table

However, according to those at Live Water, tap water doesn’t have the same qualities as their water. They face many skeptics or people who feel as though they don’t need water.

Many people in Manhattan who live close to pumps chose to walk the extra block for different water. They find it to be more refreshing and colder tasting. They also say that they carbohydrate of the water makes for a big difference in water quality and taste.