Jeopardy Judges Remove Points For Hard E

The game show Jeopardy was able to keep it’s street credentials after going back on a contestants answer. The constant gave a mispronunciation of gangsta and instead said, gangster. Nick Spicher, the contestant in question, had money taken from him for saying “Gangster’s Paradise” instead of pronouncing it “Gangsta’s Paradise.” Gangsta’s Paradise was a hit single from the rapper, Coolio, back in 1995.

At the time of the incident, the clue was, about a song from Coolio from the cd, “A Dangerous Minds” that was samples 1667 John Milton Classic. Unfortunately, his answer was”What is Gangsters Paradise Lost.”

Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy, did accept the answer at the time. The answer gave Spicher $1,600 to add to his total. However, Trebek had to later backtrack as the judges for the show claimed that he did not give the correct answer for the name of the song. Doing so lost Spicher $3,200, but he was able to go on and win the game either way.

Jeopardy Takes Money Away From Contestant

On Jeopardy’s website, they gave out an explanation for why they made their decision.

In their statement, they say that though Nicks response was initially OK, a member working on the stage did here  him pronounce a hard E.  They immediately checked to make sure the pronunciation was correct or not. It seems as though the Oxford English dictionary does have both gangster and gangsta in it. However, the two have different definitions.

Not only did he change the title of the song, but also the meaning, thus making his response wrong.

On TMZ, Rapper Coolio told reporters that if it were him, he would have let the player slide. He goes on to say that the E-R is what got him in trouble. The rapper goes on to say that he hopes Nick learned a lesson.