Taco Bell To Add Nacho Fries To Menu

Taco Bell is trying to be the top competitor when it comes to the dollar menu. Owned by Yum Brands, the fast food Mexican chain announced on Wednesday that a new item will be added to their menu. Beginning Jan 25. Customers will be able to buy Nacho Fries for $1, but only for a limited time.

There has been talk for some time now that Taco Bell would be bringing this item to their US menus. The company was testing out the new item in states such as West Virginia and California during last spring.

It was only a month ago that Taco Bell said that they would be adding 20 $1 menu food items to test markets. There are already over 20 items on the restaurant’s dollar menu.

So far, two fast-food chains, Jack in the Box and McDonald’s are following in Taco Bell’s footsteps.

Taco Bell To Introduce Nacho Fries In The Upcoming Year

Patrons will be able to order the new fries with nacho cheese on the side from the dollar menu, or they can upgrade to the supreme. The Supreme will include adding sour cream, beef and pico de gallo for $2.49. Also, they can order the Grande. The Grande will include all the topping as before, just in a larger size for $3.49.

Folks will also have the opportunity to buy the new item in a $5 box. The box will include the fries, a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, a Doritos Locos taco and a medium drink.

As more dining options continue to grow, restaurants are seeming to focus on the convenience, value, and quality in order to stay in the competition. When it comes to Taco Bell, their limited-time options and values have been working in their favor.

In 2017, Taco Bell was able to bring in more than $500 million in sales from their $5 boxes. Also from their $1 menu items.