Air Strikes Kill 17 Civilians In Syria

In the Eastern Ghouta of Syrian, a recent day of air strikes has reportedly killed at least seventeen civilians. In the first, almost two weeks of the new year of 2018 ten medical facilities report significant damages. The damages are due to the air strikes in the surrounding areas, according to the local working class.

On January 6th, 2018 volunteer rescue teams report that there were dozens of airstrikes in the Eastern Ghouta areas in Syria. The volunteer rescue teams were wearing white helmets to protect themselves while saving the hundreds of people. The white helmets rescue groups say that four young children were some of the people who were dead. However, there are close to fifty people with injuries from the air strikes.

Air strikes In Syria Kill and Injure Civilians

Officials believe that the air strikes came from Russian air crafts. Also, the government and began nine days ago. The state of Syrian says the country is planning to strengthen their offensive against the last rebel-held areas. There are also plans to strike back. An eyewitness to the air strikes shared  some information with the international CNN newscast. He says that there were four heart-stopping air strikes in just a ten-hour time span on early Saturday morning. The eyewitness says he has been a resident of Eastern Ghouta area his whole life. He has never heard or seen anything so devastating.

The Russian aircraft and Syrian aircraft report that the total death toll is still seventeen dead, which includes four innocent children. The Syrian Observatory for Human Right in the UK has been watching the conflict on the several residential areas that were involved in the airstrike attacks. The Human Rights Observatory of the UK says they saw the White Helmets volunteer rescue crews digging through loads of rubble to reach innocent families.