Jerseys Cause Team To Sit Out For Season

A Cincinnati middle school basketball team is in hot water after wearing jerseys that had racial slurs on them. Due to the nature of the team’s name and their jerseys, the team can no longer play during the current season.

First, the team’s name was sexually suggestive–Wet Dream Team. Tony Rue, a parent at the game, says that the names on the back of the jersey offended people in the stands.

Rue was in the stands, waiting for his son’s team to play. The teams playing at the time have no affiliation with their school districts.

Due to the jerseys, the game was called before it was even over.

One player’s jersey had the words “Knee Grow” on the back, and another said “Coon.” Rue took the pictures and posted them, plus more on his Facebook page. He doesn’t understand how the names were able to get past so many adults.

The vice president of the Cincinnati NAACP board, Joe Mallory, would like to sit down the league. He wants to see what went wrong.

On Monday, Charrise Middleton, the division coordinator for the team said that the team is no longer apart of the league. Also, that they will not return anytime during the season to play.

According to Middleton, the rec center does not support the uniforms that the kids were wearing during the game. She says that they follow all rules in place by the Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League. She and her colleagues fully support the removal of the team and their players.

Middleton also had words from the teams’ coach. The coach says that he and his team apologize for offending anyone with their jerseys. They were willing to change them or cover them up. However, the league chose to remove them from playing, and they accept their decision.