Lobsters and Other Crustaceans To Die Humanely

On Wednesday, a new law for lobsters was put in place by the Swiss government. In Switzerland, one can no longer place the lobster, while alive, into boiling water. Stunning the animal before cooking it is very humane.

Research has found that not only lobsters but other crustaceans such as crabs and crayfish feel pain.

So what’s wrong with the traditional method? And what are the alternatives?

According to scientists, pain is the feeling that comes there is damage to the tissue of the animal.

After conducting experiments, doctors see that crustaceans do indeed feel pain. However, the same doctors feel as though crabs and lobster deserve to feel some form of protection before the cooking begins.

After receiving shocks over and over, crabs would give up where they were hiding, which would be in dark places. This went on during an experiment at Queen’s University in Belfast.

According to the doctors leading the experiment, in an effort to no receive any shocks, the lobsters would give up where they were hiding.

In reports, he said that that the crustaceans rapid avoidance learning.

Welfare activists say that when it comes to crustaceans, it’s hard for humans to notice their signs of pain. One good sign is thrashing.

Activist says that lobsters and animals alike should be killed as humanely as possible. Either knocked unconscious or immediately.

However, neither way comes easy. Crustaceans take more than a single blow to head to die or become unconscious.

One would also have to stab the animal more than one time in order to kill it. The device best for stunning the animal before it’s death costs around $3,000. Another way to stun the animal is by chilling it in cold air in an ice slurry for anywhere close to 20 minutes.
After stunning the animal, it is best to kill it as soon as possible by splitting down the underside.

Boiling the animal is very inhumane. Also, separating  the tailpiece from the thorax. Especially if the nervous system remains. Microwaving the animal is also a bad idea.