Katie Couric Speaks Out About Matt Lauer

For several years, Katie Couric was a co-host with Matt Lauer on the Today Show. Well, last Saturday, she chose to break her silence finally, and express her thoughts about the allegations of sexual assault against him.

After speaking with People magazine, she says that there was no inkling that Matt was doing any of these things while they were working together.

Kate left NBC back in 2006 for a position as an anchor for “CBS Evening News.” She has been receiving tons of backlash for not commenting on the situation. Matt Lauer has not been working for NBC for a month now. After the first allegation against, more women have come forward.

Katie Couric On Matt Lauer’s Sexual Harassment Allegations

Couric says that the person he is projected to be is not who he was when she was around. She says that not only was Matt kind and generous, but he also treated her with the utmost respect. This entire situation is very unfortunate says Katie.

Back in 2012, Katie was a guest on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.” As a guest on the show, she remarked how Lauer would pinch her backside. The clip of her commenting on Lauer has been making its rounds ever since his firing last November.

The only other time Katie has mentioned Lauer was one time on her Instagram account. It was in response to a user who asked her why she hasn’t said anything about the allegations.

Currently, Katie Couric in the process of creating a six-part documentary series for National Geographic channel. The name of the show is Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric. One of the episodes will be of different types of harassment that women face while working.

When speaking of Lauer’s behavior, Katies says that this whole situation has been painful. Everything that she has read on the issues has been disturbing, to say the least.